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This page should collect descriptions of bugs in the game. Often, bugs go unfixed because the developers aren't aware of them. Hopefully a list of current bugs will prove useful to them.

This is not a place for feature requests or gameplay enhancements, only technical problems.


Make sure not to build your house into a hill in the game. I added two sections onto the back of my house that cut into a hill behind it. I figured it would be fine. Even though the ground is Flat in my house I get errors telling me that the ground is too steep. Perhaps the game should not allow you to add sections against hills so this doesn't happen. I have yet to talk to a developer.


The prediction on the Alembic is horrendous. The bar flits up and down like a speed junky making it very difficult to tell what the actual temperature is. There has always been problems with the prediction, but is was greatly exacerbated with the introduction of new Teppy-time.


The model used for displaying a beetle in the beetle garden treats the texture slightly differently then the model used for displaying beetles on the ground or on the terrarium. The most common problems seem to occur on the face and legs.

More technical description: the uvw mappings of the texture are not applied to the garden and terrarium statues in the same way, causing an unintended loss (or addition) to the desired beetle pattern.


When asked for a credit card number, users are told something along the lines of "Users without a credit card can" with no indication of what exactly it is that such users can do.

Brick Machine

Go to empty brick machine and pin the menu. Add a single resource. The menu now says the Brick Machine is making bricks, displays the "Stop the brick machine" menu selection and hides the "Start the brick machine" menu selection, (even though only one resource has been added and the machine is not, in fact, making bricks).

Frisky sheep

The sheep are awfully frisky, aren't they?

(Can someone who knows what this means explain it? There's nothing wrong with my sheep. -Nephte) (the graphics for the Plain Old Sheep Pen started the telling with the two sheep merely near each other, in a nice pastoral scene. Somewhere along the way, some joker changed it so that it appears ... well, anyway, it's not necessarily appropriate, but for some reason isn't being changed back.)


The food evaluation with high gastronomy sometimes prints "0" instead of the line that usually has the "clashes with" description.

Glazier's Bench

Adding charcoal will falsely advance the item production timer, so that for example "Sheet Glass in 60" jumps to 50 and then back to 60. This can even cause a false "Success!" message to be printed if you add charcoal when it's at 10. You don't actually get an extra sheet glass though.

The "Success!" message says that you can take your item from the bench, but that's not true. You have to wait for the bench to cool down. It would be better to leave that text out since it's inaccurate and the success message is pretty long already.

Raeli Mosaic Table

When viewing a Raeli Mosaic that is open for judging, a piece may appear to have come loose and be stuck to the mouse pointer, as if the piece is selected to be placed in the mosaic. Typically the viewer is not the owner of the Raeli Mosaic Table and cannot replace the piece.


If you create a new petition at a University of Leadership, you get a popup that talks about "The Limitations of Laws" instructions in the PlayGuide section of There seems to be no such document and no such section.

Sawmill Graphics

When you stop the sawmill (instead of letting it run out of wood), it will continue its sawmilling animation for ever and ever.

Speaker configuration

Every time I start eclient, it resets my sound configuration in Windows XP to 5.1 surround output. Since I have only two speakers, this doesn't work very well... Before playing any other games, I need to go into the sound control panel and change the configuration back.

Seen when using: nVidia nForce2 chipset.

The opposite of this can also take place. I have a 5.1 surround sound system and starting ATITD resets it to 2 speaker config. I have to reset it to 5.1 manually. I'm not sure of the chipset but it's not nForce2.

Mine changes from 5.1 surround sound to Desktop Stereo, nVidia nForce audio chipset.


When you put water into a tub which already has dung in it, it will bring up a dialog *twice* asking how much dung you want to add. It should not bring up a dialog at all, since there is already dung in there. -Addendum- If you wait a few seconds the first 'phantom' dung addition dialog dissapears and comes back, add the dung then. Also this box is valid as some of the dung has usually been transformed into saltpeter by then so more can be added. -Addendum 2- That doesn't make it a useful dialog. A tub holds 100 dung and 20 water, so I only need to add dung once in five times. And that one time is when I don't get a dialog! Making it only pop up when the character is carrying dung would help.


Hitting 'Clear' while playing tug sometimes results in a bid of 0 AND charges you whatever the bid was before hitting clear.


New system-generated messages in the main window will sometimes start marked as 23h59m and go to 0m slightly later. Prime examples are the success messages from charcoal and from glassmaking.

Vault Kiln Graphics & Sound

Video Settings

Once set to 'low texture' video setting, the game does not reset to high textures if you set it to high texture until the game is restarted. Also, if a character on a low video setting logs on, then a character with a high video setting logs on, the low video setting will be in effect until the game is relaunched.

Water Mines and Non-Visible Topaz

When a topaz (be it small, medium, large, etc.) appears at the tray of a water mine, the water mine provides the necessary audio clip associated with an arrival but does not display the gem visually on the tray. This may be a graphics error... or a set-something-to-something oversight... but has been a bug for far too long. All other cuttable and non-cuttable gems have an image associated.

Wet Linen

When drying wet linen on a drying rack, the linen is shown under the rack rather than on top of it.

Building reach radius

The distance to reach and use a building is the same regardless of how big the building is. Larger sized buidings should have larger radius for use (EG Pryamid of the Forest, Houses ect). [This isn't quite correct. During the brief bug where the Pyramid of the Distant Plains was occupying the Pyramid of the Living Forest slot, the building allowed blocks to be entered about 7 coordinates sooner than the PoLF allowed. --Megrez]

Marble prospecting

The radius for prospecting marble will inexplicably change at certain times of day.

Also, sometimes (recently) the center of a quarry is not where you would expect it to be but is off anywhere from 2-6 coordinates in ANY direction.

Viewing webpages from within the game

When I click on a webpage description, it brings up my default browser, Opera, and the game crashes. Now, every time the game loads, the browser does too, but it doesn't crash the game, just sucks up system resources.


Using left or right rotation affects the application of thrust for non-vertical rockets. Rotating Right causes the vertical component of thrust to be skyward. Rotating Left causes the vertical component of thrust to be groundward. The magnitude of the vertical component is not effected.

The direction of thrust rotates in the opposite direction the facing rotates (so after 90 degrees of rotation, the rocket will be thrusting backwards).

Not really a bug, but a warning none the less : be sure to experiment when using the up/down launch directions, the results can sometimes be surprising (especially if the previous stage was a ring or a funnel).

The mortar design interface appears to occasionally eat stages. That is, occasionally a stage (say #7) will be replaced with the following stage (#8) and all the rest also shifted one, or perhaps simply copying one stage into another. This can result in the design getting *really* screwed up if the launch-from fields no longer point to the right stages. Some reports that this is more likely to happen when switching stages rapidly.

You can't click away from the mortar design window to, for example, the chat window's text entry area. This is very frustrating if you're trying to work and talk to your guild(s) at the same time.

In the Linux client only, some numbers' 100ths position are altered when you change away from, then back to, a stage. One example of this is 10.26, in any numeric entry field, which will consistently be changed to 10.25. This may be caused by using fixed point storage: 10.26*256 = 2626.56 which is truncated to 2626 for storage, then 2626/256 = 10.2578125 which is truncated to 10.25 for display. Agreed, but note that it only affects the Linux client. Testing with the Windows client, the window retains the values as entered.

The copy, paste, undo(?) and cancel buttons are completely inoperative on the mortar design window. The ESC key doesn't close the window, neither does it pop up the avatar menu. At least in the Linux client, it will insert an unprintable-character square in the mortar name field.

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