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"I challenge you to demonstrate Egypt's unity and its perfection in the Seven Disciplines. I shall work with each Discipline's universities to create Seven Tests. Pass them all and build monuments to each Discipline, and you will convince me." --The Stranger

The objective of A Tale in the Desert is to build the ideal civilization by perfecting the Seven Disciplines of Man. Each discipline contains seven tests to challenge the citizens of Egypt.

In order to attempt any of the tests in a discipline, you must first pass the initiation into that discipline. While the tests are often very difficult (many tests cannot, by design, be passed by more than a small percentage of players), the initiations are achievable by any dedicated player.

Before starting a test or initiation, you must visit the appropriate university to apply. Initiation tests can also be applied for at schools.


Architecture is the discipline of the builder. Architects will build monuments that require many hours of labour to complete.

Art and Music

Art is the creative discipline. Artists create works of beauty and compete to win the approval of others.


Body is the discipline of the traveller. Tests of body generally require that the player wander far and wide.


Conflict is the gamer's discipline. Followers of conflict compete directly in games of skill.


Leaders govern with the support of others.


Followers of thought design games of skill and chance to entertain their fellow players.


Worship is the discipline of cooperation. Tests of worship require that many players act together in concert.


These are contests that are not part of the Stranger's Challenge or are not currently classified.

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