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Festival Schedule

This page lists upcoming festivals.

Festivals are usually coordinated using the TNN microphone. You may /join TNN at any time to see the most recent messages on the microphone. Tune in 2 hours before the festival to keep abreast of information like "what altars are being operated, and by whom?"

Type Date Coordinator Points
2004/07/13 21:00 UTC
zisoni/narkhoII 18
2004/07/17 02:00 UTC
Iwibiah Cancelled
2004/07/18 23:00 UTC
Eranu 11
2004/07/20 21:00 UTC
zisoni 18
2004/07/25 21:00 UTC
JemGirl 22
No festival
2004/07/27 21:00 UTC
No festival
2004/07/31 00:00 UTC
2004/08/01 23:00 UTC
Erika (/join GOO)
2004/08/03 21:00 UTC
zisoni 13%
2004/08/06 00:00 UTC
2004/08/08 21:00 UTC
Eranu 18%

Confused by the schedule? Here's how it works:

If you're looking for ambrosia, perfume, or other festival supplies, you may want to check the following lists of suppliers:

Suppliers may also want to announce themselves on the festival suppliers page.

If you can't find what you need in any of these locations, try posting on the festival needs page.

See also: Tests, Festival Suppliers, Festival Needs, Festival Schedule, Festival Player Progress, Determining Festival Requirements

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