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Festival Of Osiris

A festival of Osiris involves dressing in black and sacrificing an ambrosia of flavored beer and oil at an altar surrounded by growing crops (a character could be required to grow any five out of seven possible: cabbage?, leeks, garlic, onions, carrots, barley, and flax). This means that you must use an altar that has both grass and sand next to it. (Garlic, leeks, and onions grow in sand; cabbage, carrots, barley, and flax grow on grass.) Suitable altars can be found all over the place, but most areas are likely to have a designated altar where everyone meets.


The flavor of beer used in your ambrosia is the only variant for this festival. Osiris beer requirements consist of a combination of two properties and a flavor -- for example, "Potent Black Barley" or "Fruity Sweet Honey". Having extra properties in the beer is okay. For example, "Potent Fruity Sweet Black Beer, hint of barley, hint of date" would satisfy "Potent Black Barley". Note that "Very Potent" and "Potent" are two distinct properties, and thus "Very Potent" does not satisfy a "Potent" requirement.

Suppliers of beers can be found by checking the Beer Inventory page ... make sure you specify to your supplier that you want an Osiris ambrosia.


  1. Dress in black. Open your Appearance menu and change every part of your wardrobe to black. (Except for skin color -- Osiris is non-discriminatory.)
  2. Plant at least one of each required seed (possibly cabbage, leek, onion, garlic, carrot, barley, and flax seed). Bring a few jugs of water, and water the vegetables a few times so they don't die right away. You don't want them dying off a fraction of a second before you do step 3, which will screw it up. It can help to share vegetable-tending duties with a couple other festival-goers, so you don't have so many things to keep your eyes on.
  3. Sacrifice your ambrosia at the altar.

Vegetable/Grain Tricks

Arrive ahead of time and grow your flax and barley. Weed the flax and then leave it be. It will stick around for a long time in that state. Grow the barley to completion in the normal way with applications of water, fertilizer, and weedkiller. Once barley is "Ready To Harvest" it will last twenty minutes, plenty of time for several people to perform the ceremony.

I have been told that vegetables that have grown and died back to seeds still count as growing. I have not tested this allegation, and I suspect it's probably a bug.

I highly doubt this. Both Somerled and I failed an Osiris because our leeks died back to seed right as we clicked on sacrifice. -- mjr

See also: The Test of Festivals, Determining Festival Requirements, Festival Schedule, Festival Altar Locations, Festival Needs, and Tests.

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