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The Test Of Pyrotechnics

In the test of Pyrotechnics, people attempt to create the most beautiful firework in a pyrotechnic contest. The reward for advancing in pyrotechnics is an ability called Beauty of the Night.

When 5* or more people sign up for a contest at an arena, it begins and judges are selected. If not enough registered judges accept the offer, you must wait a while and try again.

(*This number is variable, and may differ from venue to venue and can be set to any value by a GM, the same is true of the judges. )

Any player may sign up to be a judge 'on call' at a pyrotechnic arena, it will provide them a temporary waypoint to that arena when the contest begins.

The judges column below lists the current minimum required judges to hold a contest. -- is this correct? -- No, currently just noting registered judges at those gardens.

Scoring & Ranking: Pyrotechnics uses eRank, and is the only Test to still do so. In general, the more people you beat in competition, and the more highly-ranked they are in comparison to you, the more points you will receive from them.

The rank threshold for passing was originally 215, which was laughable. Pharaoh lowered this to 180, which was still considered to be impossible by everyone but him, even though he also tripled the score-increase rate at the same time. A few months later, Pharaoh again lowered it to 140, which was thought to be possible until the contest on March 21 (in a contest of 26 people, Yargh tied for first and went from 125->129 rank. Sigil took third right behind him, and went from 138->139). Pharaoh finally lowered the passing rank to 120 after this contest, which is interesting because it's below the theoretical 'average score' if everyone played everyone else a sufficiently large number of times. At any rate, Yargh, Gardiner, Sigil, and antichaos all passed the test as soon as the threshold dropped.

Pyro Arenas

          Map of Egypt




Location Region Judges
-90, 6310 CCR
3100, 5500 Sinai Enaj
1030, 3980 RP zisoni Tweetiti Enaj Shep Tumaini
1350, 60 7L Tumaini Tweetiti Shep
1190, -4835 SE Zintwana

(See also: Pyrotechnics Formulas, Pyrotechnics Guide, Public Pyro Labs)

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