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Monument Of Worship > The Test Of The Humble Priests

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The Worship Monument is located 969, 5320 in Midland Valley. NW of the MV Mega

Monument Text


Children of Egypt, the gods look upon you from the firmament and weep bitter tears. Where are their Temples, their devoted followers? Where are their priests? They ask for your dedication in body and spirit and devotions in actions, words and deed. They demand that you humble yourselves before them, that those of you deemed worthy may receive their blessings.

The gods have thrown down the challenge and present you with the Test of the Humble Priests.

You must humble yourself before your gods, 5 will choose you and test your devotion. Gather together with other priests chosen by your gods and travel to their Temples to dedicate yourselves to them by performing various small sacrifices, rituals, actions, tasks and prayers. Racing against time to appease those gods and fulfil their particular demands, if successful you will gain status in their eyes and be rewarded with their blessing


Fils d'Egypte, les dieux vous regardent depuis le firmament, et essuyent des larmes amères. Oû sont leurs temples. Leurs devoués suivants? Oû sont leurs prêtres? Ils vous demandent le dévouement du corps et de l'esprit, la dévotion dans vos actes, dans vos paroles et dans vos gestes. Ils vous demandent de vous abaisser devant eux, et vous serez jugé selon vos actes, et ceux qui auront agi dignement seront peut-etre béni des dieux. Les dieux vous defient avec leur challenge, et vous présentent le Test des Honorables Prêtres. Vous devez vous abaisser devant vos dieux, et 5 d'entre eux vous choisiront et testeront votre dévotion. Rassembler 5 autres prêtres choisis par vos dieux et voyagez ensemble jusqu'à leurs temples pour vous y dédiez en acomplissant divers petits sacrifices, rituels, actions, taches et prières. Courez contre le temps pour apaiser ces dieux et satisfaire leurs demandes particulières, et si vous réussissez vous gagnerez de l'estime à leurs yeux et vous serez récompensez de leur bénédiction.


Kinder Ägyptens, die Götter schauen vom Firmament auf uns herab und weinen bittere Tränen. Wo sind ihre Tempel? Ihre treuen Anhänger? Wo sind ihre Priester? Sie fragen nach Eurem Einsatz von Körper und Seele, Hingabe in Wort und Tat. Sie verlangen, daß Ihr Euch vor ihnen verbeugt, und diejenigen, die sie als würdig erachten, werden ihren Segen erhalten.

Die Götter haben ihre Prüfung verworfen und stellen Euch den Test der Ehrenwerten Priester vor.

Ihr müsst Euch vor den Göttern beugen, 5 von ihnen werden Euch aussuchen, um Eure Zuwendung zu prüfen. Schliesst euch mit 5 anderen Priester zusammen, die ebenfalls von Euren Göttern ausgesucht wurden, und reist zu den Tempeln dieser Götter, um Euch ihnen zuzuwenden, indem Ehr mehrere kleine Opfer, Rituale, Handlungen, Aufgaben und Gebete durchführt.

Es ist ein Rennen gegen die Zeit, die Götter zu besänftigen und ihre Anforderungen zu erfüllen. Wenn Ihr es schafft, wird Euer Ansehen bei den Göttern steigen, und Ihr werdet mit ihrem Segen belohnt.

Detailed Design

Test of the Humble Priests

Scattered throughout the land are 12 Temples to the gods Your task is to devote yourself to the worship of 5 of these gods; the gods will choose you rather than you choosing them. Once you sign up for the test you need to perform a Ritual of Enlightenment for the gods to reveal themselves to you. This is performed at a common altar with a small diamond (for clarity) and a jug of water (for purity of spirit) and 2 candles (for enlightenment). After placing the items and lighting the candles, the names of the 5 gods that have chosen you are revealed to you. Once you know which gods you must dedicate yourself to, you will gain an option similar to that for pilgrimage which will enable you to start a group or join in with another.

Once in a group of devotees to a particular god, you must travel to that god’s temple in order to perform your dedications. All temples will contain a small brazier and (non removable) scrolls containing instructions for the worship of that god. These scrolls can only be read by devotees of that god. Devotions will fall under these basics; first priest 1 will light the brazier, as soon as it is lit a timer will begin counting down. From now on you will only have a set time to complete all the devotions. 1st devotion: After lighting the brazier P1 must burn an incense (each god will require a different incense) perfumed with certain herbs. This would require a new tech to be researched and skill to be learnt. Once the incense is burning a small sacrifice (specific to the god being worshiped) is made in the brazier. 2nd devotion: Once the sacrifice is made P2 must perform a small ritual at a common altar. The ritual would use items relevant to the worship of that god (for example a god or goddess that had a connection to the Nile might require a ritual involving specific fish, jugs of water, papyrus, papyrus seeds or rotten flax etc). 3rd devotion: Once P2 has completed their ritual, P3 must complete a series of emotes in a certain order. These will be completely new emotes only available to those players signed up for the test and will be *worship type* emotes. Things such as kneeling, prostrating, greeting the dawn etc. The emotes must be performed in the exact order given, so if the emotes are A, B, C, D, E, you may be required to perform B, D, A, E, B, or any combination of the 5. If possible it would be nice if these could be presented in a popup and be random so the player wouldn’t know the order of emotes that they were going to have to perform until they were presented with them. 4th devotion: Once P3 had finished P4 would have to perform a certain task. This would require a specific location (somewhat similar to the worship and body initiations) such as on a mountain, in the desert, by a body of water etc, once in the proper location the task is performed. 5th devotion: Once the task has been completed by P4, P5 is required to recite a prayer to their god, using a minimum number of words and containing certain keywords.

Once all 5 devotions have been made all priests would meditate at the temple starting with P1 and ending in P5. If all devotions have been correctly performed in the time limit they will have appeased that god. When all 5 of your gods have been appeased you pass the test. Since you have 5/12 gods it’s very unlikely that you will be working with the same group of players for all 5, it is likely however that you will be able to work with some players more than once. A suggested reward for this test is that you would choose to become a dedicated priest of one of your 5 chosen gods. In order to do so you would dedicate yourself to this god by building a shrine to them in your camp. By burning incense at the shrine you would gain the ability to grant a blessing, you could only grant 1 blessing per game day. A blessing would only benefit another player, not yourself and would be relevant to your god, e.g. a goddess such as Tayet goddess of weaving might allow the recipient of the blessing to weave faster. Blessings would expire after a set time.

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