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Public Parks

Public Parks are camps built and maintained for public use. Buildings like the pottery deck or even the charcoal brazier can be too expensive to build singly or too infrequently used not to share with others. Some public parks are designed with new players in mind, providing everything necessary to get started.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Map of Egypt



Buildings Available

Location Builder Buildings Available
-1694, 4849 MetaSVoK Acoustics Lab, Alchemist's Bench, Alembic, Barrel Grinder, Clinker Vat, Gearbox Table, Mason's Bench, Ore Infernos (4), Paper Presses (8), Pottery Deck, Pyro Lab, Rock Saws (10), Set's Ladder (two available for initation), Toxin Kitch, Vault Kiln, Wine Table, Wood Treatment Tank, as well as basic buildings (pottery wheels, casting boxes, forges, etc)
417, -5829 silver + Jaby + SEPM Alchemist's Bench, Alembic, Barrel Grinder, 3 Clinker Vats, Gearbox Table, 2 Mason's Benches, Paper Press + 6 hammocks, Pottery Deck, Pyro Lab, 20 Rock Saws, Toxin Kitchen, Vault Kiln, Wood Treatment Tank, Accoustic's Lab, 9 upgraded SFs, 9 SCBs, other misc stuff
1276, 4018 The Public Builders of the River Plains One or more of most things
548, 3289 Master Architects lots of rock saws, carp shops, 3 clinker vats, a deep well and other bits (buildings used in creating Keyhole mega)
1400, 1900 Protectors of Isis Guild One or more of most things (location somewhat approx - by the bridge)
-431, 2689 DoS Meta Guild This park is known by the locals as Entnose Estate. Barrel grinder, clinker vat, 2 barrel vices, pyrotechnics lab, toxin kitchen, assimilation bath, alembic, alchemist's bench, gearbox assembly table, 2 upgraded student forges, master forge, master casting box, charcoal brazier, precious furnace, 4 rock saws, 4 mason's benches, the Conflict DoS trade center, a chest of Sevenblades for all to use, Sevenblade arena, 6 distaffs (2 upgraded to spin wire), hand loom, paper press, wood treatment tank, greenhouse, brick machine, vault kiln, pottery deck, Shrine of Conflict, terrarium, pigment lab (next to Level 1 Beetle Garden), plus basic buildings, mines and beehives.
-403, -424 7Lakes Northern Co-op About 10 minutes SouthEast of Red Sands Megalopolis. Built primarily to share access to many of the larger buildigns available, it also has a small selection of more common buildings as well. 3 Clinker vats, 1 pigment lab, 1 Wood Treatment Tank, Pyro lab, 4 Paper presses, 9 Rock saws, 1 fully upgraded distaff, gearbox assembly table, brick machine, wine tasting table with three barrels (one steel lined), Acoustic's Lab (needs silk, but otherwise done), watermine detonation box, gem cutting table.
-1860, 2898 Disciples - DoS Publically usable Pyro Bench, Accoustic Lab and Jewel Glass glaziers

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