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Pyrotechnics Contest Schedule

Pyrotechnic Contest Schedule

Date Location Limits Notes
2004/07/31 23:00 UTC
SE unlimited 10 Contestants participated
2004/08/01 23:00 UTC
CCR 500 glowers 8 Contestants participated
2004/08/02 19:00 UTC
Sinai contact silvermouse over - ??
2004/08/02 22:00 UTC
Sinai contact silvermouse over - ??
2004/08/08 23:00 UTC
7L 250 glowers
2004/08/15 23:00 UTC
Sinai unlimited
2004/08/22 23:00 UTC
SE 250 glowers
2004/08/29 23:00 UTC
CCR unlimited
2004/09/05 23:00 UTC
7L 500 glowers
2004/09/12 23:00 UTC
Sinai unlimited

Contest Signup

2004/08/08 23:00 UTC
7L Stadium, 250 glowers


2004/08/15 23:00 UTC
Sinai Stadium, unlimited glowers



More Information about Pyro contests


losiris:- Seems a little unfair that SE is not inlcuded on the rotation. There are quite a number of people in the SE willing to take part in Pyro and you seem to have forgot that anywhere up North is a considerable drain on 'our' Waypoint time. With limited competitions held in the SE we will have no chance of passing (either by not being online or not having the WP time available).

Sord: If you wish to host a competition (in SE or anywhere else), please add it to the schedule. Hosting a competition requires little effort beyond getting the word out that there is a competition. It might be good to do an informal poll to see if you'll have enough contestants, but even that isn't required.

GarrettH: SE was in every second rotation. I have always been very aware of that problem for SE residents and try to make a fair schedule for everyone. Good to know that there are SE folks wanting to participate, I hope to see lots of you at our next SE event.

Sord: SE is now fully in the rotation, though we don't have much time left...

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