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Monument Of Conflict > People

'Latest' Census stats

Total Student Prentice J'man Scribe Master Sage Oracle
Needed 127 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
Thur Jul 22, 2004 125 57 28 15 12 6 4 3
Still Needed 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0

The purpose of this page is just to make a list of who is interested in helping with this monument and their rank in Conflict, so that later when we need to figure out who will fill each spot specifically we will have an easier time of doing it.

As we are short of people to complete the monument may I sugest that even if you are unranked but would like to help please include your name and join the construction guild. This will make it easier to arrange games between us. - Teper(unranked)

So if you would like to help, add your ingame name and rank. Please keep in rank order.

Name Rank Comments
Ajars Oracle
apathy Oracle
HawkMaster Oracle
Kalar Sage
Arquebus Sage
Gurney Sage
antichaos Master
Nephte Scribe
Tweetiti Journeywoman
Reede Journeyman
Raziw Prentice
Raland Prentice
Oxi Prentice
Shadez Prentice
LittleCleo Prentice Put me wherever if you need filling material
Al-Bilal Prentice
olofath Student
Teao Student
Safira Student 47 points needed for prentice, I'm happy to play a game when I'm not off doing other things, but I'm not very good.. so um, maybe it'll help someone else become a prentice :P
Rena Student 12 points from apprentice, but not planing to advance
Teper Unranked Please call on me any time for a game of any thing - lvl 1 on all games
Kanvil Student
Dyant Prentice 11 pts from journeyman
Marrick Student 16 points from prentice
Hellinar Student Hoping to make it to a couple more Conflict Events
Rehpic Student
KarlaNifritti Student
insomnia Unranked I'm only 8 points from being a student

This existed on the other pages, but not Conflict, so I added it. If I did this in error, please feel free to delete it. --olofath

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