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Tour Guide To Egypt

This is intended to be a first page for a whole arm of the wiki designed for the very new player. There is so much to this game, that it becomes quickly overwhelming, but with a little effort we can create a section that is geared toward the newest among us.

I'd like to see:

I'd truly like assistance with this...please add your ideas and your guilds to the corresponding new pages.

New players: please post questions to be answered on this page...just click "Edit text of this page" below and type it in below here. Surely someone else has a similar question, so don't be shy.

Galanodel : I'd love to see a "How to pick a home location" page, as well as a "Where to find universites" page. It took me quite a while to do both of these, and it might help us newer players if there was some guidelines for it.

Ledara: Gal, Unis are posted on the map tab of You do have to create an account for .info in game...the command is /webpass (password). Obviously choose a password that suits you; parenthesis are not needed. As far as how to pick a home so wisely, but it's different for each player and it's probably good that you did spend a bit of time on it. :)

Mesaktet: I'd love to see the metaguild section expended to have a more complete list of metaguilds-in my opinion, metaguilds are the #1 most important thing to get oneself integrated into the game for a new player, and the current list is sorely incomplete.

Finkbug: Ideally, a fully formed Tour Guide would be linked from the game itself, the link alert triggered by arriving in Egypt. This would have the added benefit of steering all new players to the wiki. One specific note: an explicit explanation that the mentor gains very significant benefits for having been chosen. Too many mentors (even otherwise good ones) do not, IMO, make this sufficiently clear. I know this because I've too many times met the players to which this has happened. The in-game mention that mentorship ought include x,y,z is good but not enough. The mentoree need know *they* have real power. This might well lead to extortion for shrines. Fair enough: the mentors are already bribing.

I created Mentoring Tips. Please take a look, and add anything appropriate to the topic. - Mesaktet

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