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Where are the Disciples camps?

LocationRegionBranch HeadNotes
-671, 7697 Cat's Claw Ridge - CCR TCLogik Main Branch
-1869, 2782 Desert of Shades - DoS Borian
826, 6722 Old Egypt - OE TCLogik Currently Unoccupied
-1891, 2891 Desert of Shades - DoS TCLogik Borian Disciples DoS Megalopolis Site

                                                                                                                                                                                Map of Egypt



Branch Head


What is the Disciples Guild?

The Disciples guild is one of the few early guilds still in existance. Founded on the principles of co-operation and team work, the guild shares all its buildings and resources with each other and works together to achieve goals and projects. Experiencing varied levels of sucess, the Disciples guild was once the largest in Egypt with close on 100 active members over its 4 branches.

The Disciples guild actively recruits players fresh off the boat from the island and trains then in all aspects of Egyptian life as well as taking on seasoned players. We prefer to welcome players into the folds of the guild rather than put them in newbie guilds as we feel it makes them feel more welcome. While some choose to leave and start there own guild, or find a more suitable guild, most have chosen to remain with us.

The guild primarily targets members that want to settle down in a joint camp and work as a team, not people looking for solo camps and a meta guild.

Who are the Disciples?

Founder: Elders: Members: Associates:

Disciples public projects

Disciples DoS Megalopolis page.

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