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TCLogik is the proud founder of the Disciples guild. At its peak, the Disciples guild is estimated to have had approximate 100 members over 4 branches. A Master mentor, he has accumulated 23+ mentor shrines from various students. I specialise in the discipline of leadership in theory, but have been a little put of by the tests that specialise in politics rather than leadership ability.

I put a lot of effort into trying to improve the social culture of Egypt and working on getting a fair and post-dark ages legal system working. My latest attempt is through the use of the ELAS. I've seen many players come and go and the two key factors to players leaving are through issues with burning out and bad social interactions (griefing, harassment, etc.) which are often brought about through simple cultural and social misunderstandings that this international game is prone to.

Click for Tests Completed.

Due to popular demand, I am starting a list of names of my students that I have mentored and other information associated with me and the mentor ban controversy.

Test of the Darkest Night

Paint colors available

I am constant working on increasins the number of paint colors I can make. Check regularly to see what new recipes I've discovered. If I cant make the color you need, check and see what the other Paint makers can do for you.

Treated board recipes

Raeli tile colors

Ovens can cook:

Tiles in stock:

Tile colors I DON'T need:

For more tiles see Raeli Tile Inventory

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