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Guild Halls of Egypt (note that a "guild" in Egypt is a term generally used for any type of organization in which a guild hall is used as a form of communication ... these are not necessarily all "traditional" guilds)

Please see Guild Ranks as a guide to guild organization.

Also available are private guild wikis, at A particular guild wiki will only be viewable if you are a member of that guild.

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Members and Commentary

Location Name Elders Members and Commentary
1300, 4150 Visionaries Ptenkhet For those pursuing the Test of Visions. Just south of the LB loppy by the fountain.
-2450, 6500 Sphinx? Clubbers, Bigboy, Phoebe, Redstorm
-2286, 4739 Dragyn's Guild Dragyn, Coug,Suma
-1500, 4600 Chafbron DungeonTax, Esme, Kem, MJR, Somerled, SkavjBinsk, Teao
-1407, 783 The Amazons Tweetiti, Esme, MrsChart For RL Female players.
-1260, 7904 Maia Spirits Amnion, Folly, Hirokache
-1260,3800 The University of Strcat Strcat, Gilfanon
-1013, 4658 [Guardians of the Vale]? Abraham, Akh-Menhed, Zilmer, Stampy, Gardiner Teetsleekur, GwydionPendragon, Nathifa, mikev, neonil, Timos, Ienan, Githern, Guden, janjan, Captit
-986, 4893 [Southern Star Guild]? Aewl, Blackryder, Dragynne, Karnit, Kilaka, Ravious, Zubon Adara, Asarel, Asarelah, asrael, Brelkin, Cassie, Dedi, Esme, etan, FaceAnkh, fatherWind, liberte, Pyramidis, Shelomit, Thryce, Waav, Ymmudtsethsarc
-671, 7697 Disciples Guild TCLogik, Agricus?, Borian see guild site
-648, 4689 [Order of Ma'at]? Zilmer, Gardiner, Jetakai Zilmer, Dwadja, Gardiner, Jetakai, Maniam, Mespho, Melondar, Cheeky
-478, 7783 [NOS Guild]? Neophant, Neophants Slave Neophant, Neophants Slave, DukeWilliam, Argen, puddiphat, mattphat, Chesnut, Glizis, Borian, CaptainZeppos, ZorroDelDesierto, Manimaniman, ProStuart1, zorradd
-431, 2689 DoS Meta Guild Tanith, Var-LeTha, Kyri, Qetesh, AirmidWulf, NosajofOxicropolis, Khleevi, Chart Akunosh, Xan, Ronja, Dys, Ravenous, silver, XArchAngelX, Roark, Slovonox, MrsChart, bobinadodina, Hecate, Athelred, Kem, Jezelle, Erulehto, MJR, Esme, DomingoTrolio, CalleKaar, johnnyrocket, fatherWind, Solstice, TpcT, Enoon, Safira, G, RahDieDah, Tutanjammin, MercedArkab, Brooky, Martuff, Eddy, Iphy, NatanOxad, Xanrag, mrqzxg, FaceAnkh, Leetah, takvar
-176, 7368 Jupiler CaptainZeppos, Borian, Helyis, Cryo, Salann Andius, morderir, RoddeBroc, kahels, youth, Arkaendal, Saksha, Menke
-60, 2874 Newbieville? Melior, RaniRani, Slovonox, NosajofOxicropolis, Kyri, Bahaumaut, bobinadodina, AirmidWulf, MercedArkab, Xanrag MarvL, A friendly support area for both new and experience avatars
289, -777 LOTR Tin Area 51 mithrandir56, thespy, koikinia Kenshin
533, 3150 Master Architects Ledara, homegrown, Qetesh, Nos?, Tanith, FaceAnkh We're working on a PoDP, come help! :D
700, -900 The Brotherhood of the Sphinx Rehpic, Kanvil
700, 298 City of Nubia Tumaini, Nadorim, , Jolinar, Sulumor AtuAmani, dkerr47, Temmillon, Azerman36, SnakeEyes, dinsdale, Avirxz, Kuryakin, Hirokache, Hasone, Erialor, woobie, Meluesine, TpcT, Avdol, karmina, MissBarbara, Dids, Leah, MRC, Iset, Raland (citizens in italics)
902, 6346 RamiHotep Sakurak, Eranu, Ptmiche, Blondie Kona, Locnar, Kayla, Rhyddereh, Kemisi, Amunetmel Arkenen
1000, 3800 Nomarks of the River Plains Arixet, Magon, DWing010 SeniorFrac, FaceAnkh, Ptenkhet
1273, -214 Amarna Gardens Septah, Brant, Ygerna, Dinah, Alethe Narra, Khaled, Sheba, Artra, AgathaCathrene, urma, Shep, karmina, Kianah
1285, 3771 Champollion FaceAnkh, Ptenkhet, Mithrandir56 a French speaking channel.
1286, -306 Guild of the Starry Night (SN) Brant, Alethe, Khaled, Dinah?, Septah Rhesirus, Demetra, gacea, AgathaCathrene, gandar, Artra, Megas, ABun, Abu-Di, Mystik, Aendi, Whilan, Osiris1, Kianah, Bolmar, Jaelle
1343, 3979 Nileside Cafe
1400, -880 Greater Seven Lakes Coalition Rehpic, Makaio
1402, -276 Acolytes of Khnum Shep, Ygerna FirAdar, Narra, Nutterfly, SweetToni, Muffin, Elethiomel, Mealina, Mithaniael, Atha, Rae, Leah, Bakti, LeatherRaven, AsunPeet, Velisa, MercedArkab, Sekmetektatu, MehmetEliim, Tumaini
1422, 2808 PRISM Alis, Sarabeth, Keely, RodneyRedhot, Ledara Mortor, Generope, homegrown, Obiwan, Aidenn, Hawkeye, Tollanthas, AerynSun, Maecia, Bessie, Alya, Turous, Szintra, TheJew, Shynnagh, Rennoewen, TimeTraveller, Ithespian, StannumDraconis, wonkoid, Depape, Magon, mkmssrt, Lwicca
1512, 4158 Stargate Rdk, Deadite, Patski Poe
1565, -1317 Children of the Desert Manasseh, BumbleB, MRC Jolinar, Hamon
1997, -849 Followers of Anubis or FoA Yargh, Safira, Tweetiti, Gumby, Rena see
312, -6628 The Beautiful People losiris, Etruscus Mythomep, Zintwana, ChaiaLeah, Krade, Tantras
3600, 5000 [Lost Ones of Egypt]? Inhoptet, Merek, Phrotoch
797, 5927 Tollan? Tumbleweed, Amenope
289, -5638 Wu Wei ChaiaLeah, Jemoa Stacocracy
2580, 5280 Scholars of Thoth or SOT Bellah, Pluribus Other semi active users: Petis, Caedar, Tchrin. Oldest Guild in the Game
765, -4380 Blue Lotus Solalique, RaLoMein Formed from merger of Obelisk Bay Trading Company and RaLoMein's Guild. Current focus is completion of Lotus Lake Megalopolis
-1900, 4600 Ars Technica Egyptian Expedition aoife, Hekhemmut, olofath, Sesostris
-221 7351 [France Channel]? Saksha, Borian, Tekhamon
-1377, 7452 Rising Phoenix KarokAlleon, Onia, Arcticus, Thurgret Zemar, RyceBonapart, Nebsenitep
-945, 4697 Battle Royal Lemma New guild to help organizing Conflict games and Tournaments.
-1066, 4679 Visionaries of Ramses II Bartholomew New guild (June 12th) looking to pass the Test of Visions. Join us! Located in south VoK next to the Festival Connection Mega.
-707, 7459 -=G-O-D=- (Guild of Development) Chewnaten, Thurgret (only active elders listed) Has a mega the -=G-O-D=- CCR-NVOK gateway in its main camp, with a public camp located at -778 7453. Please ask before building next to the mega. For immigrants and those wanting help on their return to Egypt there is a training guild, -=G-OD=- Trainers located at -759 76369 with a new more advanced camp site to be opened soon for non-newbs.
-620, 2152 Clan Wulf AirmidWulf, Ronja, Chart MrsChart, Dys, G, Tanith, Cirrus, Var-LeTha
1474, -609 Egyptian Patrons of the Arts Septah, Tweetiti Formed to support artists and the Art & Music discipline. Members: Rasix, GarrettH, Al-Bilal, Siofra, Finkbug

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