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About Me

I don't play much these days. However, I like to stay active on the forums, and I'm always on IRC if you want to get in touch with me.

I'm a proud resident of the Seven Lakes region, an Elder in Guild of the Starry Night, a Master of Worship, and a member of the Greater Seven Lakes Coalition. I don't specialize very heavily, but I'm pretty good at gem cutting and glazing. I also crossbred a few flowers, but wasn't big on the idea. The turnaround time was simply far too great to keep me interested. (And when we finally got double-strength fertilizer, we got double-strength lilies/sand blooms to go with it. Arrrr. Thanks Pharaoh.)

ATITD is a unique game. It is about much more than setting up a camp and moving up the tech tree. I constantly see new students of the Discipline of Camp Worship, and then a few months later those players are quit and gone. Bored of the game, they said. I don't blame them for getting bored of that, because eventually you will run out of things to build. It's a simple fact.

This game doesn't tell you what to do, nor does it give you goals. This doesn't mean that there are none: It means you have to find them. When the Students of Camp Worship become Masters of Camp Worship, they look around and say "I guess I need to find something else to do." Some lucky ones find something before boredom sets in, but most of them don't. A better approach is to forget about building, and seek out your own goals as early as you can. Run around for a while before you settle down. See the sights, smell the roses, read the forums, browse the wiki. Find some aspect of the game that fascinates you and dive into it.

Perhaps you'll discover a creative outlet, or perhaps a discipline. Maybe you want to explore (or exploit) the sciences. Perhaps you're fascinated by the legal system.

So what do I do? This game changes, and I love to see it change. I keep an eye on things in that sense. I believe the University of Progress was the greatest addition to the game, because it made us think. It made us decide, we must change, and it made us think about what direction we wanted to go. Since then, I feel the game has lay dormant, partially due to the stagnant legal system. Potential still exists. The end of our tale approaches, and I want to see how we change in response to it.

I also like the Discipline of Worship. Behavior that in almost any other test would be considered gaming is, in Worship, par for the course. I find this somewhat interesting.

I think people who spend every waking hour running around Egypt, waving their arms in circles are psychos [but he still married one - Alethe]. Note that this isn't meant to mock those people. I respect them for being insane enough to have the guts to actually do those things, yet also noting that there's no way in hell I'd ever want to do them myself.

I have a Bijou table set up at 1295, -270. Come play! (Although I passed, so you won't be able to judge it)

Tests Passed (In Order)



Congrats on visions! It took, what, 2 days? :) - Qetesh

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