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I'm back in Egypt after a ~5 month break. I wasn't sure I'd ever return, but my first few weeks back have been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the remainder of this Telling.

My home camp is at 895, 4733 in Midland Valley.


I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to work on for the rest of this Telling. I'd like to try some of the new tests, but I don't have the same volume of free time that I had when I first started playing ATITD (though some impending RL changes will probably open up a lot more time). My guildmates in Ars Technica Egyptian Expedition left my camp entirely intact, which was great, so there's no need to build any of the basic or intermediate buildings, and I think I'll just make use of guild facilities or public facilities at e.g. Liberty Bridge when I need them.

My plan worked! I wandered around Egypt playing thought games for a few weeks, and eventually I ended up with 7 permanent Focus points. I've passed the Test of Reason! I've also signed up for the Test of Darkest Night, which should be fun; I've always enjoyed mushroom hunting, and there are a lot more different types in Egypt now than there were when I was first playing. I'd also really like to finish the Test of the Acrobat! I'm so close and yet so far from mastering all 28 moves.

Current Tests

The Test of the Acrobat

Only a few moves left to learn! Check my /info for the current list.

The Test of Reason

This test is great! I get to run around Egypt playing puzzles, and as an extra benefit my focus goes up and eventually I get zapped. My favorite puzzle type so far is definitely the Tombs; I like Bijous and Pulses as well. I finally made it to 7 focus and was zapped on June 7!

The Test of Darkest Night

Currently on my second menu - looking for Cat Nip, Bleeding Hand, and Peasant's Foot mushrooms.

The Test of Towers

I managed to get 12.24% in my first Hour of Towers - the Hour of Rich Soil on May 14 - building just two towers. I think I was 3rd in Egypt.

The Test of Festivals

I was on my way out of Egypt when this test was first introduced, but I came back for one stint and managed to get to or near 100% in the three released festivals at the time - Isis, Osiris, and Hathor. I'm glad to see that festivals are still popular and happening regularly in Egypt, and when I have a little more freedom to rearrange my life around this game (that sounds kind of weird), I'm looking forward to attending festivals whenever I can.

Other Projects

Not sure yet. I'm hoping to go on a glassmaking spree soon, but I'll need to build up a stockpile of ash and lime again. Time for more leeks...

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