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New Players Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mentors please feel free to add new questions as you get them. See existing questions for formatting. Questions with asterisks(*) still need answers posted. Thank you.

Please be aware that all information contained in links will apply to Tale 1 and may not be applicable to beta or Tale 2.

The Game

Getting Started



The Game

Do I have to pay for beta?

No. During the beta period, all accounts are flagged "paid" so that all content can be thoroughly tested. When Tale 2 begins and new characters are created, those characters will be either paid or trial accounts as normal.

When will Tale 1 end, when will Tale 2 start?

Tale 1 will end soon but no firm date has been given. The "end game" is in progress and all the final monuments are being built. Tale 2 will begin after the beta period is over, which depends on how the testing and bug fixes go.

Will the characters and progress from Beta be erased before Tale 2 starts?

Yes. Beta is a test and not a headstart on building characters for Tale 2. When Tale 2 starts, everyone will be starting again from scratch. However, there is some benefit to learning about Tale 2 while playing in beta.

Is there a faster way to travel?

Beta has two modes of quicker travel: waypoints and chariot stops.

Waypoints allow your character to travel while you are not logged on. For every minute of offline time you accrue, you receive an amount of waypoint time that you can spend. For each level of the navigation skill that you've learned, you gain the ability to set one waypoint and automatically "warp" there using this waypoint time.

Chariot stops are available near most starting spots and will allow you to travel at regular intervals between stops - like a subway system. You may also use your waypoint time to immediately travel to a chariot stop without having to wait. Free Chariot travel is available for a full minute every quarter hour.

How do I control the camera views?

The F5-F8 keys allow you to switch camera views and moving your mouse to the top or bottom of the screen, or rolling the mouse wheel, will zoom the camera in or out.

How do I find schools, universities, etc?

The F3 key will open a map window and the red arrow in the center shows your location and the way you are facing. The F4 key will show a large arrow on the ground around you. This is the compass - it points North. Using the map and compass, you can navigate to your destination. Be aware that you travel faster on roads than off them.

How do I use hotkeys?

To use hotkeys, you must first enable the chat window to be minimized. You find this option by clicking on your avatar, clicking Utility, and clicking Options: Chat Related. Once the option is enabled, you can minimize the chat window by clicking on the active chat tab or pressing Enter, and may then use the hotkeys listed in [brackets] when your mouse is over an object. Clicking any chat tab or pressing Enter again disables the hotkeys and maximises the chat window again.

How do I use the friends list?

You can add people to your friends list by using the command /af [friend's name] (just type that command). [F11] toggles the friends list on and off. You can remove people from your friends list with the command /rf [former friend's name]. The friends list enables you to see who is online and provides a quick interface to chat your friends.

How do I get rid of all the pop-up messages?

Open the menu (press escape or click on yourself), then click on Utility and on options: Interface. In the list mark the options 'When I'm stuck, notify me in the chat area' and 'Use console instead of popups for many messages'.

How do I open a chat window/send a "whisper"?

Type the command /chat [person's name], and a chat window with that person will open. A "whisper" can be used for one liners, the command for that is /tell [person's name] [whichever text you want to tell that person]. For example, if you wanted to tell Bob that you love him, you could type in /tell Bob I love you. Bob would receive the following message in his Main channel: [Your name] whispers: I love you.

What are the other commands I can type in?

The Keyboard Commands lists all the possible commands. Commands are always preceded by a / (slash).

Is there any combat in ATITD?

No, there is no combat in ATITD.

Getting Started

How do I start?

A mentor will help greatly. If none is available near you, you can make a GM call to get help finding one. If you'd like to start on your own, most people begin by learning to build basic things. Generally speaking, you can use the icons at the top right of the screen to gather items which you use to learn skills at the various schools. These skills will allow you to begin making your own buildings. You'll want to start by making bricks, boards and flax.

There are good guides on resource gathering and other things in the Guides section on

How do I find a mentor?

You begin beta at a starting banner. Sometimes there may be players nearby called mentors who are there to help new players get their footing. If other players are around, feel free to ask them where you might find a mentor nearby. If you're unable to find one, you can call a GM by clicking on yourself, Utility, Call a GM. They will be glad to try to find one for you.

How do I increase my stats?

Temporary stat boosts can be gained via food. Permanent stat boosts are mostly via the Tests of the Human Body, such as the Test of the Acrobat. Perception is gained through gastronomy, wine tasting and beer tasting (things you're probably not going to see in beta). 100 points in any of those gets you 1 point of perception. 200 points in the skill gets you another, with a third point at 250.


Can/should I build a compound?

If you can make bricks and boards, you can learn the Compound Construction skill at the School of Architecture and build a compound. Compounds give you many more options for building and you will need one to make more than just the basic items. Please consider the location of your compound carefully though. It will need to be near ready sources of wood, mud, sand, clay and silt. Please be considerate of your neighbors and avoid crowding, especially in areas that are clearly laid out by previous occupants and are not in city centers. It's often better to check with existing occupants in an area before building there - you will find your neighbors a lot more helpful and friendly.

I ran out of things to build. What now?

There is far more to this game than building alone. Here are some suggestions of other things to do:

I have to build a "home". Is that the same as a compound?

No, the "home" from the Initiation into Architecture refers to a tent. A tent requires nails to build. Nails are available in Beta but still very rare. It might be best to try to trade for some.


Where can I get slate?

Slate appears at random in mud. If you run along any area where mud is available, you'll see the slate icon appear at the top right of your screen. It looks like a hammer and spike. Stop at that spot and click the icon to pick up the slate.

Where can I get thorns?

Thorns grow on Spiky Yucca plants throughout Egypt. The are low, light green plants with spiky leaves. Feel free to ask someone who has a compound nearby where you can find the plants in your area.

Where do I get (metal item)?

Metal comes from mines. In beta, the exact methods of metal production are not yet understood very well and will require some research and technology development. The MiningMetallurgy page discusses current theory around refining metal, Blacksmithing deals with making metal products from refined metal.

Where can I get more jugs?

Wet clay jugs can be made from clay on a pottery wheel, then fired in a true kiln to make them into jugs. Since medium stones are rare items in the beginning of the game, it is probably easiest to use public pottery wheels to make jugs. A list of public facilities can be found on the Beta page.

Where can I get Flax seeds?

Flax seeds are given out by Schools of Art. They randomly issue one of two types: Old Egypt or Nile Green. You can request flax seeds several times from a School of Art, but you need to wait a little while in between asking.

Where can I get Papyrus seeds?

Papyrus seeds are produced by drying papyrus at a high altitude. To start papyrus production on the beta server, some "wild" papyrus was planted by the developers. If you find papyrus sprouting by the water now, it is likely to have been planted by a player who will be harvesting it soon. The best way of getting your first few papyrus seeds is to ask other players for a starter pack; those who already have seeds are likely to trade for some at a modest price.

Where can I get cabbage/carrot/garlic/leek/onion seeds?

Universities of Worship that have Agriculture opened give out vegetable seeds. Each university gives one random set of vegetable seeds to each citizen. It's a good idea to travel to all Universities of Worship to collect several sets. If you do not get each type of seed via this method, you should be able to trade some of your seeds for those that you need.

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