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Welcome to A Wiki in the Desert, a wiki for the online game A Tale in the Desert.

This wiki exists to document the game and to provide a community scratchpad for the players. You can find guides on everything from growing flax to designing fireworks, an atlas of interesting places, and various personal pages created by the users. New players may want to read the section on immigration for a quick overview of how to get started in the game. A Tour Guide to Egypt also exists.

Anyone (even you) can edit any page on this site. However, you may want to look at the style guide and information on formatting first. If you want to contribute but don't know where, take a look at the "Spotlight" section below, or just browse around and look for pages where your input would be beneficial. This isn't the tech tree, however; please don't create a new topic for an item or building just because it's there.

Politics are not welcome -- if you want to discuss laws, please use the forums. (A compendium of existing laws, on the other hand, would be great to have.)

If you have a suggestion for how to improve the wiki, please add it to the suggestions page.

Upcoming Events

October 8-10, 2004 Official player meet in Pittsburgh.

News and Current Events

Endgame of Tale 1

Current Game Time:

Beta of Tale 2

The open beta has now closed. It uses the same client as Tale 1, and is available here.

Beta - Wiki pages about the Tale 2 beta. Keep all Beta related pages as a subpage of this page. Any beta page found outside this hierarchy will be renamed or deleted.

FAQ for new players in beta


This section lists pages that need your input and review. If you stumble upon a page that could use a little care, feel free to add it to the list (don't forget to state why). New areas of the wiki can also be listed here. Don't forget to remove pages from the list once you feel they are sufficiently up-to-date.

Starting Points

There is a vast wealth of information in the pages of this wiki, and it increases every day. Use one of the search boxes to jump to the page or topic you're interested in, or pick one of these pages and start browsing.


Other Resources

About Wikis

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